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“Expand Your Mind… Being Closed Minded Is A Dangerous Thing”

In today’s episode, Denis and Jessie have the pleasure of spending an hour with Dr. Darian “Dr. D” Parker who is the Co-Founder of F.EM, owner of Parker Personal Training LLC and Co-owner Epic Leisure Management LLC and Host of Dr. D’s Social Network Podcast. He has a PhD in Sports Education & Leadership. He…

What The World Needs Now Is Love

In today’s episode, Denis and Jessie discuss how Wal-Mart and Aldi are rolling back prices across the board to combat inflation through the end of the year. We briefly discuss Matthew Perry’s interview on Night Line with Diane Sawyer. We talk about Michelle Obama’s newest book that could help each of us shine our light…

All You Need Is Love

In today’s episode, Denis and Jessie talk to our friend Jessica Esfandiary, host of Open Late podcast and relationship coach and we are reminded that all you need is love… or many loves! We reinforce that everyone has a story of ups, downs, and personal becoming. Jessica is an immediate friend to all and an…

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I love The Paquette Family! They are all such bright lights in this world and help others to shine their lights too! I always want to know what they’re up […]


The Paquette Family is super cool. Looking forward to the next show!