Our Big Boy is ONE!

Our little guy Gage was a surprise in every way. We were surprised we were pregnant with him – we were surprised he was a boy (after 4 girls) and we were wonderfully surprised that he is so amazing. His first year of life has literally flown by. I know how fast time goes with babies and I try every time to soak it up and it always flies by. So it came as no surprise that Gage’s birthday was here before we knew it.

We had the whole day planned around him. We woke up early and the whole family went for a walk. We got home and made pancakes and had a breakfast celebration. We believe if you add whip cream and sprinkles to anything it becomes a celebration of something!

We played outside and he rode around in his new car, the Cozy Coupe. We had one for Mckinley 12 years ago and thought it was time for an upgrade.

After his morning nap, we got ready for a picnic and some pool time. We had a picnic by our pool and Gage just loved walking around the playground and watching the tennis players. He seems to be attracted to all sports – loves watching hockey, baseball and tennis so far. He loved the pool and we had fun playing family games together.

After some showers and packing – we loaded up and headed to Luverne for a baseball themed night. We had hot dogs and brats for dinner. We watched him dig into his baseball cake. We even had some Cracker Jacks and Big League Bubble gum for party favors.

We headed downtown to watch the Luverne Redbirds play some baseball. Gage loves walking around the game and standing in front of everybody. We had cupcakes and freezies to end the night. Gage was exhausted and slept all the way home. It was an amazing day of seeing family, having fun and celebrating him. Happy 1st Birthday Big Guy!

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