Heelys are Here

Kyndle had wanted some Heelys for her birthday. We got her a pair in March and soon after the world seemed to shut down from #Covid. So her new shoes/toys sat on the shelf. Recently she brought them down to our tennis court and taught herself how to use them. They take a little practice – just like a roller skate or rollerblade. She picked it up quick and has been rolling all around. She likes sidewalks and smooth surfaces over the bumpy roads. So now we are on a mission to find the best sidewalks in town.

Yesterday we were at a park in town and a grandmother there asked me all about the Heelys. We talked for a few minutes and before I knew it she had ordered two pairs for her grandkids.

Mckinley is now begging for a pair so we ordered her a pair that will be here this weekend!

Kyndle’s pair is below –

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