My Fun Cousins

We were at the cabin for a week and while we are there I like to play fun games with my cousins. My favorite game to play is Ghost in the Graveyard. I like playing the laying down type too. The laying down type is where you find someone you have to lay down with them until the last comes, then they are the ghost. Then, you run to the lanterns before they tag you. Another game I like to play is Rug Rats. Rug Rats is a game where you turn off all the lights and one person is IT and they try to find people by feeling around because they can’t really see. When someone’s found, they have to go by the light and if they think the person is having a hard time finding people they will turn on the light for 2 seconds. I like playing with my cousins because they are fun to play with and so am I.

Ghost in the Graveyard cousins.
Rug Rats cousins.

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