Red lipstick

Ever since I can remember I have loved makeup… especially lipstick. When is was younger, almost every day, I would wear red lipstick and I loved it. I remember feeling so pretty and glamorous with my red lips on. I probably haven’t worn red lipstick in maybe 3 or 4 years. And it’s crazy because I loved it so much. So tonight when I saw my old red lipstick on my little sisters’ nightstand I decided that I should put it on. I went to go put it on and I looked a lot like I did when I was little and it was fun. I gave my dad a kiss, because how could I not? It was red lipstick therefore I had to do it to someone. He happen to be closest. 😉


  1. Kyndle, I loved seeing you in your red lipstick. It drew me to your sweet heart, incredible light, and fun personality. Love and miss you

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