Good Guy Open

We started our trip to Minneapolis on Friday, June 24th, Gage’s 3rd birthday, for a special ceremony involving my mom’s parents and distant family. Good Guy Open’s last event. It’s 25th. Good Guy Open is a charity event (golfing) that donates money to people and with cancer. My Grandpa Cary was chosen as the “Good Guy” in 2002. The Good Guys are celebrated as people and given gifts.

We got to the golf course where it was, got dressed up a little and hopped a golf cart with Dad to go find Grandpa out on the course. We had so much fun riding all over the golf course looking for him, asking people if they had seen him and where he might be. We went through tunnels over tiny bridges and around big, detailed courses. Finally we spotted Grandpa and his group finishing up one course and getting ready to move on to the next one. We all yelled “Grandpa!” to get his attention and jumped off the cart to run and hug him. We ended up getting spend the afternoon with him and his group golfing, riding the carts, and enjoying each other.

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