Should’ve been a Cowboy!

It was such a great weekend in Luverne celebrating an All-school reunion with annual events like Hot Dog Night and unique events like Jim Sanden’s Teachers in Retrospect event at the Palace Theater (where we learned that we are all “above average.”), rocking the night away with a concert event at the Luverne City Park, and ending with a bang as fireworks lit up the night sky for the grand finale.

Main Street with Luverne Highschool Band alumni playing the LHS school song.
Fireworks at the Luverne City Park

Every time we go to Luverne, my brother Phil does something courageous and bigger than life. And behind every great man is a great woman. I have been seeing memes lately that state, “A man with a dream/hustle needs a woman with a vision.” This was true on this particular night.

I was standing next to Phil when the band started playing Garth Brooks’ Friends in Low Places when Paige came rushing up to Phil and pushed him up to the front of the stage where he got handed the microphone for the second verse (and beyond). I for one, was thrilled to see my brother rockin’ with the band and finally invited up to the stage. It was so much fun and everyone who was there was rockin’ just a little bit more and by the end of the night chanting for Phil to continue singing when the band was packing it up.

Phil taking over on Garth Brooks’ Friends in Low Places during Luverne’s All-school reunion celebration.

I have always thought that if nursing and coaching doesn’t work out for Phil, he will be just fine as singer-song-writer. Who knows… maybe he should’ve been a cowboy!

Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ to kick off the fireworks.

It are the moments of beauty like these that lift others up and bring joy to everyone’s soul that make life so special. I was one of the blessed to be witness to this special moment. Until next time Luverne…

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