Clothes Party

When our basement flooded and we had to do 75 loads of laundry at once.

How do you do laundry at your house? We have a big family and we have to have a routine. Our clothes party happens on Sunday afternoon. I wash and dry the clothes all week and then on Sunday afternoon we pour all of the clothes on the bed. We put some music on and separate the clothes into 7 clothes baskets on the floor. I put Gage, Skylar and Cadynce’s clothes away Sunday night or Monday morning. Mckinley and Kyndle put their clothes away and in theory all the shirts, tights, leotards and pants etc are ready for the week. We have a pretty good system. Some days I think being in a nudist colony might be an easier choice. Some weeks I find clothes baskets in the girls room with the clean clothes in them from last week. Some weeks I am washing the favorite shorts in the middle of the week for a Wednesday wear. It isn’t a perfect system but it seems to work for us. How does your family do laundry at your house? Do your teenagers do their own laundry? Do you do a load a day? Do you hang up your clothes or fold them into drawers. Do you have bins or baskets? Can’t wait to hear! Happy Washing Wednesday!

Kyndle doing laundry with me in Florida
How does your family do laundry?

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  1. My laundry schedule totally depends on our schedule; but one or two days a week is what I strive for. Family of three with TONS of laundry!

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