I’ve been a big sister ever since I can remember, so I have had a lot of practice at watching my siblings, spending time with them, keeping them alive, entertaining them, and changing their dirty diapers. I love getting to know kids and how they feel about things, what they do like and don’t like and how they like to spend their time. I like to play games like tag, dress-up, and Uno. I watch my siblings a lot at home so my parents can get some alone-time. I like getting them to see my spunky, silly side so that they can start to get to know me. I took a babysitting class a while back so that I could officially be a safe and reliable kid-watcher. I am still a kid as well, so I am closer to their level and can create easy understandings with them. I love dance parties and spas and race cars and hockey games. I like to have a great time, and kids make a great time very possible.

The morning where I woke up with every one of my siblings in my bed.

If you guys need a date night or just a break let me know in the comment section and we can figure something out!

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