Yesterday, Kyndle, Skylar and I attended Embrace church. We have been church shopping for awhile but I do feel like we have found a powerful place in Embrace. I love their outreach and the programs they put out for families. Denis and I attended a marriage conference there, I have been to Ladies Night there with powerful speakers and my girlfriends and the kids have done vacation bible school there too. Skylar called it her “water church” because they had water fun at their VBS. Needless to say, it is a powerful place.

Adam Weber is the head pastor there and he and I graduated from Augustana College together. He is a pretty amazing storyteller and his message was very powerful yesterday. At the beginning of his message there was a giant 167 on the screen. I had no idea what that meant but was excited to find out. He began taking about 168 hours – the amount of hours in a week, 24 hours in a day times 7 days a week. We have a 168 hours every week and the average person spends one of those hours in church on Sunday morning. How do you make God a part of your other 167 hours? Kyndle and I both agreed it was powerful message. To make the idea even more powerful everyone got a bracelet to remind you to bring God into those other hours. God doesn’t just want your 1 hour, God wants your every hour. The message hit me hard. How do I make God a part of every hour of every day? How do I make God a part of being a wife, being a Mom? Since I put the bracelet on yesterday, I have seen it when doing laundry, when doing the dishes, giving Gage a bath etc. I challenge you do the same, even if you aren’t spiritual or religious, how can you be more present in your 168?

If you would like to watch Adam’s message it is here https://iamembrace.com/media/167-week-1 and if you are looking for a church family check out Embrace – powerful messages in a powerful place.

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