I’ve always had a lot of self confidence. Everyone called me a beast when I was younger because of the size of my biceps. I’ve also always had abs. I have nothing to earn them. I would eat carbs all day and have no problem. Now, I’ve had to start watching what I eat, how I sleep, and what I do to keep myself healthy. When I know I’m doing something that’s not really helping me stay healthy I think to myself, Oh, but I’m in dance and I sleep well, and this huge helping of cake won’t do anything to me. But that’s starting to become a lie. I am very able to push myself now, but if I sabotage my body then I will not stay this way. So I have recently taken some ownership in how I treat myself. What I put into my body and what I make sure I don’t. This is definitely not extreme, but I’m just making sure I’m being diligent with myself. I’m gonna keep myself a beast, keep loving myself as if I were my bigger sister, and keep a strong mind so that I can have a strong body.

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