What Would You Do To Change The World?

What does it take to truly be brave? Two years ago during Christmas break, my daughter, Cady and my husband, Denis had a very powerful experience. One day during break, Cady wanted to learn how to play chess and asked Denis to play with her. Something magical happened during that game and now, over a year and a half later, they have released the first version of their E-book: What Would You Do To Change The World? It is a book about the game of chess and a child’s lessons on love. I think this book has been therapeutic for Denis who has a military background and is now being more encompassed everyday by imagination and storytelling with our children. In a world with such division, why can’t we connect, be peaceful and accept each other’s differences.

Click on the link below to watch Denis and Cadynce tell the story in their own words.

It has been so tender watching the story come to life for both of them and now for our whole family. The simple message of why do they have to fight, why can’t they just kiss. Reminds me of the timeless message of why can’t we just all “get along.” It is written with a simple cadence and much like a Dr. Suessian tale, rhythm and rhyme with a powerful message behind it all. Please enjoy and let us know what you think.

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  1. Our family is so excited to share this story with the world! Let us know what you think of the story and what things you do every day to be brave.

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