Watermelon Sugar

In today’s episode, Denis and Jessie talk about the beauty of helping at Cherry Rock Farm, a local market farm that grows a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. When you help out on the farm, watermelon sugar high is the highlight of each harvest day. We give Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen the benefit of the doubt and realize everyone has a “lot of sh!# going on.” How tough do you have to be to put yourself out there in a public way anyway? This is a topic we are wondering as we have the support of our closest friends and family. Finally we talk about our blossoming acting careers as Jessie and I have had the honor to act for Jamie Smith for South Dakota Governor and Papik Motors.



In Strangers, the whole Paquette family visits Brookings, South Dakota, home of South Dakota State University, for the annual Hobo Day parade. We visit with many tailgaters and parade goers and find out what the secret to their relationships are, their favorite foods, donuts, & SDSU ice cream, and much more… What’s the craziest story you have in your life? Let us know!


In Friends, we discuss giving and being kind and ways we can be generous to others. Why do we give? Is it about us or about them? It makes a difference. What is the most generous thing you have done in your life? In what ways do you like to be generous?


In Family, Denis and Jessie talk with Cady about 3rd Grade student elections and the pressures of voting for a new voter. We also talk to Mckinley and Kyndle about the Vikings football game that was played in London with the nail-biting finish. We also discuss babysitting and a school “lock-down” false alarm and how the school staff handled the situation with courage.


In Lovers, we speak to an adorable couple at a local coffee shop and find out what they love about each other. Finally, we discuss the the difference between giving compliments to get something in return versus being up front and honest about intentions within relationships.

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