All You Need Is Love

In today’s episode, Denis and Jessie talk to our friend Jessica Esfandiary, host of Open Late podcast and relationship coach and we are reminded that all you need is love… or many loves! We reinforce that everyone has a story of ups, downs, and personal becoming. Jessica is an immediate friend to all and an inspiration to many. We dive into Jessica’s life and journey through life that brings her to the present moment. We learn about how Jessica went public about her alternative relationship style and the courage it took to be herself. Now she is on a journey of helping others grappling with their own relationships, instincts, intuitions, and how it all fits into our culture and society.



In Strangers, we find out about the best and worst interactions Jessica has had since going public and putting her self out there in an effort to help others with their relationships. She has advice for all of us on how to approach people in a positive way.


In Friends, we discover the friends Jessica has lost along the way and the lifelong friends she has gained after being vulnerable and open about her life.


In Family, we get an insight into the future of Jessica’s relationships and family. Thinking of starting a family and how children will add to the joy of life. How will things change or stay the same?


In Lovers, Jessica tells us about her first crush. When she discovered who she was attracted to and we learn how anything can happen… and how sometimes it’s important to have the courage and maturity to sit back and watch.

“Your relationship deserves to be designer.”

– Jessica Esfandiary

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