What The World Needs Now Is Love

In today’s episode, Denis and Jessie discuss how Wal-Mart and Aldi are rolling back prices across the board to combat inflation through the end of the year. We briefly discuss Matthew Perry’s interview on Night Line with Diane Sawyer. We talk about Michelle Obama’s newest book that could help each of us shine our light within a little bit brighter: The Light We Carry.



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In Strangers, we talk about the light that Leslie Jordan left with us by the way he lived his life truly, utterly, and unapologetically himself. And, if you can kick a guy while he’s down, that’s what the “internet” is doing to Tom Brady after he used the analogy of the NFL season being similar to a military deployment… let’s cut him some slack folks. “There’s a lot of Sh!# going on!”


In Friends, we share a crazy story of one of our close friends about everything going perfectly wrong… and you you guessed it… her husband was gone on a work trip. That’s just when these things happen. We also discuss how one person’s morning coffee in the garden stirs up envy and anger in others. How is this possible?


In Family, we invite Mckinely and Jessie to discuss a special Challenge Day event held at the high school where they cheered each other on, broke the ice, got serious and connected on a deep level. What a great reminder about why we are all here… CONNECTION!


In Lovers, Denis talks about his upcoming 90-day challenge in the Ars Amorata (Art of Love) and the Amorati (Worlds Greatest Lovers). And then Jessie and Denis find out more about The Sexiest Man Alive: Chris Evans (Captain America). You won’t believe what he thinks of himself!

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