“Expand Your Mind… Being Closed Minded Is A Dangerous Thing”

In today’s episode, Denis and Jessie have the pleasure of spending an hour with Dr. Darian “Dr. D” Parker who is the Co-Founder of F.EM, owner of Parker Personal Training LLC and Co-owner Epic Leisure Management LLC and Host of Dr. D’s Social Network Podcast. He has a PhD in Sports Education & Leadership. He is a curious guy that is doing 9 million things and succeeding at all of them. His primary focus is being a personal trainer that has gone virtual. To educate himself, he has created over 500 podcast episodes covering a wide range of topics that started as a simple idea in the kitchen. He is married and has a family that he leads and loves.



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In Strangers, we talk to Dr. D about all of the most interesting strangers he has met through his podcast and how those strangers have become friends. We learn about how Dr. D keeps an open mind and learns from all the strangers in his life. If you like to be on the leading edge, Dr. D will be someone to tune in to. How important is it to visualize the reality you want?


In Friends, we discuss the attitudes and beliefs about friendship and how friendship comes into Dr. D’s life through curiosity. We learn that if Dr. D died today, he is content and happy with the life he has lived and the friends he has made.


In Family, we dive into Dr. D’s family life and how Match.com brought the love of his life and best friend into his life. We get to hear about how Dr. D got to know his future wife and didn’t even know what she looked like… and then hit it off and got engaged quickly.


In Lovers, Denis and Jessie talk to Dr. D about how one of Dr. D’s recent podcast guests was fired from teaching when the school found out she had and Only Fans account and how she has taken control back in her life. We learn that there is always more to the story and how we might reign in the judgmental part of our human nature and being more open minded. Finally, we learn about how a starting podcast and frank conversations can improve your love life!

To learn more about Dr. Darian “Dr. D” Parker VISIT: https://doctordarianparker.com/

To learn about Dr. D’s brother, Wordsmith, VISIT: https://wordsmithmusic.com/

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