The Paquette Family is made up of seven amazing people who are free, creative, joyful and living their most courageous lives. We love to celebrate life, make a positive impact on others, and turn ordinary days into an adventure. We are honored to introduce ourselves to you and welcome you to follow our family’s adventure.

Denis paquette

Adventurer in search of treasure!

I was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1975. I grew up playing hockey, baseball, and golf in Luverne, Minnesota. I developed a love for flying as I watched my father learn to fly at Quentin C. Aanenson Field in Luverne. During college at South Dakota State University, I entered R.O.T.C., commissioned in the U.S. Air Force and was on my way to pilot training. Over the years, I saw the world as I flew the C-17 Globemaster and instructed students in the T-6A Texan II which provided me with a life education and perspective you could not get anywhere else.

My interests are many. I enjoy leading our family’s adventure. I am intrigued by human relationships and social dynamics. I am an avid reader focused on self-development, investing, adventures. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and challenge myself by wisely investing time and money. I continue to fly privately in my fathers restored L-16 Aeronca Champ. I play hockey, run, work out, meet up with friends, enjoy life.

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jessica paquette

Fun Facilitator

I was born in Minnesota to a college football coach and a nurse. After a few years in Minnesota, my dad’s job moved us to South Dakota where I grew up until 5th grade. My 5th grade year we moved back to Minnesota – to Luverne. Little did I know we were moving across the street from my future husband. The rest of my childhood was spent in Luverne. After high school I went back to South Dakota to Augustana College to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. I taught for 2 years in Minnesota and Denis and I got married and I moved to Texas. Our Air Force life moved us all over the world -Alaska, Florida, Germany, and Oklahoma. We are happy to be back in the Midwest close to our family.

I love celebrating life, we make ordinary days fun with projects and trips. I love to celebrate holidays and decorate our house accordingly. My five children are the loves of my life and I love soaking them up everyday. They are amazing and we enjoy spending time doing everything together. I like to workout and walk, drink coffee and wine, and shop at Target and Amazon Prime.

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mckinley paquette

The Great One

I was born on May 29, 2008 in Anchorage, Alaska and was named after the great Mt. McKinley, now called Mt. Denali. I was an only child for almost two years. Then, four kids came out of nowhere, and I was the oldest out of five children. I love being the oldest and getting to take care of all of my siblings, love them up, and play with them.

I enjoy sports, swimming, painting, biking, and tubing. I love to dance, eat, read and create.

kyndle paquette

The Child of Light

I was born in Alaska, March 18, 2010. I moved to Florida with my family- Mom, Dad, and my only sister, Mckinley. Then in Florida, I became a big sister to Cadynce. After moving to Oklahoma, being stationed in Germany, and then moving back to Oklahoma, our youngest sister, Skylar was born. Then, after moving to Luverne and renting, we moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota where the man of the family, Gage, was born.

I love spending time with family and friends. For fun, I like to swim, bike, and jump rope. I also like to clean, do interior design, put make-up on, sing, and shop. I was named after the spark I bring into life.

cadynce paquette

Perfect Rythym / Our Pizazz

I was born on November 14, 2013. when we came to South Dakota, that day was my happiest day. When I moved into my new school, I got kinda shay and scared. I love playing with my sister, Skylar. She’s my favorite person to play with. I love wearing dresses because all my shirts go with no pants so I have to wear jeans, but I hate wearing jeans, so I wear dresses. Wait, where was I again? Oh. My second favorite thing to do is help my parents clean up. I love to swim, dance, read, bike, paint, watch movies, and sleep.

skylar paquette

The Scholar / Infinite Possibilities

Skylar is our little smartie pants. She amazes us every day with her counting, language and sense of humor. She loves us all so much and tells us that daily. She likes to go for bike rides, play in the toy room, and watch Daniel Tiger.

gage paquette

The Little Man

Gage will always be our baby. He was the exclamation point on an already perfect family. He loves to hang out wherever his family is, loves being outside and loves watching hockey. His favorite toys are glue sticks, toilet brushes and markers. We are excited to watch him do life.

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